A tribute to Eggs: the truth, perfect hard boiled eggs and a classic sandwich (Happy Easter!)

So , I loooovve eggs -- runny, fried, baked, boiled. I was experimenting with "the Egg" and reading about boiled eggs given Easter and all. I learned that there are a few things that are important for arriving at perfectly hard boiled eggs.
1) Use older eggs (bought a few days ago) versus new/fresh eggs (bought last night) because the shell tends to stick to the new eggs much tighter making it tougher to shell.
2) Add eggs to cold water (cover eggs) and then boil. Typically one thinks of boiling water first (but not here!).
3) Boil eggs on high but remove as soon as you see them boiling (you could leave them boiling for 60 seconds but not longer). Then let them sit for 12 minutes.

That's it. And they can never be overcooked or undercooked in this method. You can even leave them for 20 mins. After cooling, you can store them as hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator and shell anytime.

It was previously thought that eggs raised blood cholesterol levels -- one of the main causes of heart disease. Another myth was that cholesterol is fat. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that resembles fat, but has little to do with it. If you are watching your Cholestrol, they you may wanna stay away from yolks but otherwise here's all the good things about eggs. Personally I think that Eggs have gotten a bad reputation and they really do more good than people given them credit for.

Eggs are actually quite nutritious. They are not just fat (yolk) and protein (white). In fact, they contain a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals.
Here is what's in an egg...
A: good for the skin and growth.
D: strengthens bones by raising calcium absorption.
E: protects cells from oxidation.
B1: helps properly release energy from carbohydrates.
B2: helps release energy from protein and fat.
B6: promotes the metabolism of protein.
B12: an essential vitamin in the formation of nerve fibers and blood cells.
Iron: essential in the creation of red blood cells.
Zinc: good for enzyme stability and essential in sexual maturation.
Calcium: most important mineral in the strengthening of bones and teeth.
Iodine: controls thyroid hormones.
Selenium: like vitamin E, it protects cells from oxidation.
If that wasn't enough, egg whites contain the purest form of protein found in whole-foods.

RECIPE (Egg Salad Sandwich -- one of my favorite sandwiches):
- 4 eggs boiled as mentioned above
2-3 tblsp Mayonaise
- Dash paprika
- Fresh ground pepper, salt to taste
- Fresh chives or dill if available
- small squeeze of lemon
- drop tobasco
- Some awesome whole wheat or 7 grain fresh bread
1) Boil eggs as mentioned above
2) Cool, shell.
3) In a bowl combine Eggs, Mayonaise, Chives, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Lemon. Chop eggs with knife and fork. Dont mash too much but rather leave chunky for nice texture.
4) Make a yummy sandwich with fresh bread. Use a leaf of greens (lettuce, spinach) and tomato for sandwich as needed.


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