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Smita and Cindy's Holiday Meal

New Orleans Style Gumbo

Bread Pudding with a side of Rum Sauce

Home made pizza with leeks, lamb and pecorino

Rita's Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings

Greek Spanakopita (Spinach pie)

Peach and Blueberry Pie

Thai scallop (or shrimp) red curry with mango

Black sesame shrimp stir fry

Hawaiian Style Ribs (Kalbi)

Chicken with Cashews

Red Curry with Chicken and Snow Peas (Thai)

Fish Cutlets

A tribute to Eggs: the truth, perfect hard boiled eggs and a classic sandwich (Happy Easter!)

Two Delicious Summer Salads

Carla's English Peas (From Top Chef Season 5)

Chilli garlic shrimp (Indian-chinese style)

Shepards pie