Dark Chocolate Bark Assortment with Cardamom, Salted Cashew or Spicy Almonds

So this was clearly an experiment but it turned our fabulous so I had to post the recipe. I wanted to make Dark Chocolate Bark because I absolutely love dark chocolate. My favorite is the 70% organic kind. That and red wine might be my two indulgences I can't live without. So I decided to try a couple variations on making chocolate:
1) Using Cardamom seeds -- this is an indian spice that is pretty strong but after toasting, it tasted good and I actually saw some chocolate at whole foods with cardamom that gave me the idea
2) Something with salt -- for this I was thinking about Chocolate & Sea salt but decided to use Salted Cashews instead
3) Something with Cayenne: For this I used the Sweet & Spicy Almonds that I have also posted 
8 oz Semisweet chocolate (two 4 oz bars of Ghiradelli)
8 oz Bittersweet chocolate (two 4 oz bars of Ghiradelli)
Nuts: Salted Cashew, Sweet and Spicy Almonds
Secret Ingredient: Cardamom seeds toasted.

Create a waterbath or double boiler by placing a glass bowl over a saucepan with boiling water. Ideally you want the steam from the water to touch the glass bowl but not the water itself so that the chocolate melts slowly. 

On wax paper, spread salted cashew on half and spicy almonds (see recipe in my blog) on the second half.  Keep the nuts close together before pouring chocolate.  Add toasted cardamom seeds to the chocolate and pour over the nuts. Leave to cool for several hours. Best the next day.   


  1. Tried this recipe since I love dark chocolate. Great recipe! Thanks Smita


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