Simple Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Glaze

Sometimes its a day for simple, delicious, light and fluffy chocolate cake that can be served with....lets see.....vanilla ice cream, mangoes, raspberries, a glass of dessert wine, whipped cream or coffee. I have a major weakness for dark chocolate  and raspberries so that's what I picked. 

Best Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe:
Yields 2 9" layers that are pretty thick

Dry ingredients:
Flour  1 3/4 cups
Sugar 2 cups
Baking Powder  1 1/2 tsp
Baking Soda 1 1/2 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Cocoa (baking) 3/4 cup

Liquid ingredients:
Milk 2% 1 cup
Oil vegetable 1/2 cup
Eggs 2 large
Vanilla extract 1 tablespoon
Water boiling 1 cup

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2) Prepare 2 9 inch pans (I like the medium weight pans for even baking and light crust). Take a small piece of butter and rub it on the inside of the pans making sure to be generous and covering all spots. Put some flour in the pans and shake around until flour is evenly spread but is a very thin, non-clumpy layer. Toss any extra flour out
3) Mix all the dry ingredients in a large deep mixing bowl. Use exact measurements (see below on baking measurement tips)
4) Add milk, oil, vanilla. Beat on medium speed for 3 minutes. Make sure to get the bottom and sides
5) Add eggs one at a time on medium speed and scrape the sides with spatula as you go
6) Make sure all ingredients are fully combined and then remove beaters from the bowl
7) Pour boiling water into the batter and stir quickly to mix well
8) Immediately pour batter into prepared pans and bake
9) Bake for 30 minutes (some ovens could take 40 minutes). Insert toothpick into middle and it should come out clean
10) Cool in pans.  Remove by using a plate to overturn
11) Serve with the tangy & sweet glaze. So yummy, not too rich and so tasty!

Raspberry Glaze:
Raspberries (frozen or fresh)
Add sugar and microwave for a few minutes
Add a drop of lemon juice

How to measure for baking:
For dry ingredients use a measuring spoon and do not pack down the ingredient. Using the back of a knife, level off the top. Any extra bit of flour or sugar can ruin the cake).
For liquid ingredients, use a liquid measuring cup (glass or plastic) with a pouring spout. The liquid should be measured ay eye level and should not be above or below the line but right on the line.


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