Massor Dal with Goda Masala (Lentils)

This is easily the yummiest dal I have made! And so easy!!  I was planning to make sprouts and the last minute had to change my plan because half the sprouts had not sprouted (I guess I got a weird batch). This is typically the masala I use for misal or usal (a sprout dish) but it was even better in the dal!
Dal 1 cup
Water 2 cups
1 tsp coriander power
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chilli power
2 tsp goda masala
tomato paste
tomato diced

1) Boil the dal in low and leave in fridge if desired for a couple days
2) In non-stick, add half red onion and masalas
3) Fry and add little more oil if needed
4) Add 2 tsp tomato paste and 1/2 can of diced tomatoes. Add big salt.
5) Add around 2 cups water. Simmer. Add Dal. Simmer until it reaches desired consistency. 


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