Delicious Winter Beef Stew

This stew is inspired by one of my favorite people #Barefootcontessa.  This is a perfect recipe for a cold winter evening in mid January or February.  I love a few things about this recipe: Forst, using my Dutch Oven (Love to cook in it), the use of a Fennel bulb which is seasonal and perfect for Winter.   And lastly that it has Cognac (or Brandy) and Red wine that make the taste really special giving it that French stew like taste and feel. Of course I give credit to Barefoot Contessa who inspired this.  I pretty much made it exactly like this link below.  

Here are some pictures! Note the he Brandy and Red Wine I used that were just what I had in the cabinet. 
Also key was slicing the carrots diagonally as the recipe calls for -- that I think makes it fun and fancy! 
And that fennel bulb -- that was just exciting to use. I have never really used Fennel in anything before.  It is like a cross between celery, carrot and parsley with this licorice like smell (that I frankly was a bit nervous about) but actually was quite good.And finally this dish has it all - the protein, the carbs and the vegetables. So enjoy! 

 And finally this Divine Stew was enjoyed by all!! 


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