Stri-fried shrimp with broccoli (mushroom)

CATEGORY: Thai main dish
Source: Thai Cooking Class (Emory)
12-14 ounce pckg medium frozen bag of shrimp, peeled (tails on optional)
3 med stalks brocolli(farmers)
2 large scallions (optional)
mushrooms optional
1 clove garlic
1/2 inch ginger
2 tblsp chinese oyster sauce (farmers or asian grocery)
Asian fish sauce (Squid brand: farmers market)

Cut brocolli (using sparing knife) to preserve the florets and stems; Chop scallions; Chop/mince garlic; slice ginger paper thin, stack and shred paper thin
Thaw shrimp in water, seperate and create butterfly by creating slits partway from end away from tail; In a wok, pre-cook brocolli in half cup lightly salted water; color will turn bright in 1/2 minute; remove on to plate; reserve water
Heat wok again, add 2 tblsp canola or vegebale oil; add garlic, ginger; fry briefly till fragrant (20 seconds); Add shrimp, 1/4 tsp salt; When shrimp curl add broccoli, scallion, mushrooms, add oyster sauce, fish sauce, 1 tblsp of stored vegetable water; Strifry briefly; Taste and remove from heat.


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