Sweet and Sour Thai cucumber relish

CATEGORY: Thai salad/side
SOURCE: Cooking class (Emory)
Dish is also called "ajad" and usually served with satays
3 pickling cucumbers OR 1 regular cucumber peeled
1-2 shallots OR 1 small onion
3 tblsp sugar
3 tblsp rice/white vinegar
Asian fish sauce
8-10 sprigs cilantro
1 small red chilli pepper

Quarter cucumber and slice very thin. Cover cuc with water in a bowl with 1 tsp salt. Drain after a couple mins. Slice shallot or onion thin and add. Add sugar, vinegar. Mix. After 5 mins add 1/2 tsp fish sauce. Mix. Add cilantro leaves picked from the stems and red chilli without seeds. Adjust taste with vinegar, fish sauce, sugar to make perfect.


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